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WHO coordinating the health response to Nepal earthquake; working to prevent spread of disease

3148 days ago - WHO
Amid ongoing search and rescue operations being carried out in Nepal after Saturday’s devastating earthquake, WHO has taken leadership in coordinating medical relief for affected communities. According to Dr Roderico Ofrin, WHO’s Emergency Health Response Manager, the Organization is...

WHO report finds systems to combat antibiotic resistance lacking

3148 days ago - WHO
A quarter of countries that responded to a WHO survey have national plans to preserve antimicrobial medicines like antibiotics, but many more...

Welcome to your new look midlife crisis

3148 days ago - Herald
I have a Spotify playlist called "Classic". It was, originally, the home of all my music that indisputably earned its place in the pantheon of...

Call for free chicken pox shots

3152 days ago - Herald
Vaccinations for chicken pox, meningococcal C and HPV for boys must be added to New Zealand's free immunisation register, a health expert says.The...

I do, a second time

3152 days ago - Herald
Most people don't renew their wedding vows within the first year of marriage - but most people don't suffer a life-threatening medical emergency at...

Jack Tame: True grit - oh the misery at Les Mills

3152 days ago - Herald
I hurt everywhere. My legs hurt. My chest hurts. I haven't pulled on a T-shirt unassisted in the past five days.The clue was in the name: Grit was...

'Evil twin' cut out of student's brain

3153 days ago - Herald
Surgeons have found and removed an embryonic twin, complete with hair, bone and teeth, from deep in the brain of a PhD computer science...

Fighting Fat: Drain your stomach

3153 days ago - Herald
In a new attempt to control New Zealand's obesity epidemic, severely overweight patients will have a stomach drain installed through which they pump...

NZ ranks 9th on World Happiness Report 2015

3153 days ago - Herald
New Zealanders are happier than their rivals from across the ditch, according to a new report released today.The World Happiness Report 2015 puts New...

'I can't believe women do this more than once' - women talk about giving birth

3153 days ago - Herald
Much of the what is written in guides to pregnancy, labour and birth is a far cry from the way women describe it in their own words. Mother of two,...

Why do we remember dramatic events so vividly?

3154 days ago - Herald
It isn't surprising that many Bostonians have vivid memories of the 2013 Marathon bombing, or that many New Yorkers have very clear memories about...

World Malaria Day: call to close gaps in prevention and treatment to defeat malaria

3154 days ago - WHO
WHO is calling on the global health community to urgently address significant gaps in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malaria. Despite...

Botox can reach the nervous system - but it's still safe

3154 days ago - Herald
Botox, or Botulinum neurotoxin type-A, is most commonly known for its cosmetic use as a smoother of wrinkles. But research my colleagues and I just...

Some people are naturally repellent to mozzies - study

3154 days ago - Herald
Scientists have found that the chance of being bitten by a mosquito is written in the genes and some people are just more likely to be attacked no...

Asthma cure may take only five years

3154 days ago - Herald
Asthma could be cured within five years after scientists discovered what causes the condition and how to switch it off.In a breakthrough which could...

Lee Suckling: A major warning about health 'experts'

3154 days ago - Herald
Australian "wellness" blogger, Belle Gibson, has admitted she lied . The 26-year-old self-made social media celebrity gained almost

Watch the moment a paralysed girl walks again

3154 days ago - Herald
A girl who was paralysed for 11 days filmed the reaction of an overjoyed nurse she surprised by standing up from her wheelchair after regaining the...

Kiwi cancer drug rescued

3155 days ago - Herald
A promising lung cancer drug born of Daffodil Day funding has been rescued by a new American sponsor after a potentially disastrous finding of...

Why does women's hair thin out?

3155 days ago - Herald
Balding in men is so common it doesn't raise an eyebrow. But when a woman starts to lose hair, it can be extremely distressing. Will she end up bald,...

Inquiry into teen's hospital death

3155 days ago - Herald
Police have confirmed an investigation is underway into the death of teenager Matthew Gunter at Grey Base hospital.A police spokeswoman said...

Why this woman blogged about having herpes

3155 days ago - Herald
Seven months after Ella Dawson says she was diagnosed with genital herpes, she remembers a young man at a college party offering her a sip of his...

Global vaccination targets ‘off-track’ warns WHO

3156 days ago - WHO
22 April 2015 | GENEVA – Progress towards global vaccination targets for 2015 is far off track with 1 in 5 children still missing out on...

Park life improves the good life

3156 days ago - Herald
Living near a good park drastically reduces the well-being gap between rich and poor, research shows.The mental health gulf that divides those in...